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"I’m from Henan and currently work in a factory for microelectronics. I’m on a long quest, to gather enough funds in order to find a wife. Having a little sense of fashion won’t hurt either. ”
I Love Shanghai City…
beautiful bed

Subtract negativity in your life… Happy cute elephant *picture*

Morningggg… :)

I had an overnight oat with pear, almond milk and coconut oil yummy for breakfast. It’s quite comforting and warm!

I’ve always wondered if it’s right or wrong to eliminate negative people and bad vibes in your life. 

I came to realise it’s almost impossible to live a positive life if you are around or stay in contact with negative people. It can be emotionally/mentally draining.  We always be careful around negative people because of their attitudes and opinions can be so venomous and contagious.  MY choice to firmly ignore them, I certainly don’t need them in my life.  If they truly want to be part of my life.  All they have to respect my life, choice and belief.  It doesn’t mean you hate them or that you wish harm them, it means you want to take care of YOUR own well-being.  

Just watch those negative people will roar increasingly loud just because you have subtract negative in your life and you have more positive room in your life, they secretly want to ruin your beautifully happiness, bright and positive room.   

Beware of manipulators, they may NOT realise they are actually using their negtativety to manipulate your thoughts for their own personal gain. 

YOU have a right to do whatever you want to do with YOUR own life. YOU have NO right to tell or control others what/how they should do/feel/think. 

Those negative people have a right to do whatever they want to do with THEIR own life NOT OURS!  

This cute elephant spreads love, happiness and positive energy!


x x x x


Like mother like son?
More Hilarious Gifs
Large watermelon 😋🍉
Slowly getting my flexibility back
We love buying things but we hate spending so much money.
LOL I can totally relate to this cat in the picture! Wheat allergy grrr

The bank holiday begins soon…

One and half day left to begin the bank holiday weekend.  I am quite excited about this weekend, my friends will come down to see me and my boyfriend tomorrow for a cheeky meal.  My boyfriend and I will go to London this Saturday for catching up with our friends. 

Then this Sunday, my boyfriend and I will start pack our clothes in one large suitcase and ready for flying to Turkey next Monday.  We both will meet up with my family at the same hotel in Turkey for a week.

My boyfriend and I are so excited about going to Turkey! It will be my fourth time. And it will be my boyfriend’s first time in Turkey. 

Love, hug, kiss, laugh, sun, beach, sea, play.

x x x



Yin yang peaceful toast fo lunch plus pbnj yogurt nyooom

omg yum







we hold on to the wrong things as humans 

man what the fuck……

thank you Sam Pepper for making the world realize


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Ahhh I need this kind of smoothie in my life

When you were very drunk and said something stupid loooool! XD

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